The Junii Fest

Takes place in Brasov, between Friday, 25 April 2014 and Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Junii Fest

The Junii Feast is the most exciting festival that takes place in Brasov. This event runs in the springtime, every year on "Duminica Tomii" (the first Sunday after Easter), when the people from Schei, the old district of Brasov, are coming uptown for the celebration the spring, the renewing of nature and the beginning of new life.

The festival, called "Junii", (translated it would mean 'The Feast of the Youth') is an old tradition, that started around year 1910 and although the origins have been lost, the inhabitants of Schei still live by the traditional and very well established rules. The first Sunday after Easter it is the time to celebrate the new year of the Dacians, the ancestors of the Romanians

The fest begins around 10:00 am when seven groups of men from the Schei, will ride from the mountains and travel around Brasov. The men riding the horses are the "Junii" (young men). In all there are seven groups, which is due to the religious belief that God made the world in seven days. The costumes of each team are different through color and badges, and the beauty comes mainly from the traditional costumes that they wear (some made around the 1730's) and the highly decorated horses with the harnesses and saddles being draped in all sorts of traditional decorations. Each group of Juni, wears different costumes, that instiles a historical period or event, and they make their appearance in the following order: 1st group - Junii Tineri (the younger unmarried men), 2nd - Junii Batrani (the older younger married men), 3rd - Junii Curcani (the Turkey youths), this group's flag holds the Mihai Viteazu's (the first king who united the three Romanian provinces) countenance, 4th - Junii Dorobanti (nation of soldiers), 5th - Junii Brasovecheni (the older Brasovians or the Junii of the old city), they are carry a flag that holds Al. I. Cuza's image (first modern Romanian ruler), 6th - Junii Rosiori (the red young men or the horseman Junii) and the 7th group - Junii Albiori (the young whites or whitish Junii)

The Romanian flag also plays a big part in the occasion. Traditional Romanian songs are sung and dances danced. Young men are then placed, one by one, in the middle of the dancers and throw the scepter in the air, while everyone runs for cover. This custom is considered a kind of initiation ritual, when the boys are supposed to pass some tests of maturity and bravery. Whoever throws the scepter highest in the air wins the competition. After the ritual ends, if the weather is good, the Junii and their families will have a barbecue with traditional music and the Romanian "mic"(grilled ground meat rolls).


Step back in time and enjoy this unique experience, easy, by booking one of our tours for the period of the festival or just send us your enquiry and we will configure a tailor made program, just for you and your friends.

Brasov awaits you!

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